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Alphabetical index of places in Egypt with IK

There are 7 places in Egypt beginning with 'IK' (in alphabetical order).
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Ikhnaway az Zallaqah   to   Ikyad Dijwi
Places in Egypt with IK
Ikhnaway az Zallaqah Ikhnāwāy az Zallāqah1.Gharbia Gharbia-
Ikhtab Ikhţāb2.Dakahlia Dakahlia-
Ikinj Maryut Īkinj Maryūţ3.Alexandria Alexandria-
Ikrash Ikrāsh4.Sharqia Sharqia-
Ikwah Ikwah5.Sharqia Sharqia-
Ikwat al Hissah Ikwat al Ḩişşah6.Gharbia Gharbia-
Ikyad Dijwi Ikyād Dijwī7.Qalyubia Qalyubia-

1 - 7 of 7 places