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Alphabetical index of places in Egypt with FI

There are 11 places in Egypt beginning with 'FI' (in alphabetical order).
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Fidimin   to   Fisha Salim
Places in Egypt with FI
Fidimin Fidīmīn1.Faiyum Faiyum-
Fidimin al Bahri Fidīmīn al Baḩrī2.Faiyum Faiyum-
Fidimin al Qibliyah Fidīmīn al Qiblīyah3.Faiyum Faiyum-
Filastin Filasţīn4.Alexandria Alexandria-
Filastin Filasţīn5.New Valley New Valley-
Fisha Fīshā6.Beheira Beheira-
Fisha al Jadidah Fīshā al Jadīdah7.Beheira Beheira-
Fisha al Kubra Fīshā al Kubrá8.Monufia Monufia-
Fisha as Sughra Fīshā aş Şughrá9.Monufia Monufia-
Fisha Bana Fīshā Banā10.Dakahlia Dakahlia-
Fisha Salim Fīshā Salīm11.Gharbia Gharbia-

1 - 11 of 11 places