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Largest places in Egypt

The largest cities and places in Egypt at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Egypt.

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Largest places in Egypt
Kafr ad Dawwar Kafr ad Dawwār1.Al Buhayrah Al Buḩayrah267,370
Damanhur Damanhūr2.Al Buhayrah Al Buḩayrah227,943
Idku Idkū3.Al Buhayrah Al Buḩayrah105,599
Hawsh `Isa Ḩawsh ‘Īsá4.Al Buhayrah Al Buḩayrah85,352
Rosetta Rosetta5.Al Buhayrah Al Buḩayrah64,481
Abu al Matamir Abū al Maţāmīr6.Al Buhayrah Al Buḩayrah41,302
Ad Dilinjat Ad Dilinjāt7.Al Buhayrah Al Buḩayrah40,386
Kawm Hamadah Kawm Ḩamādah8.Al Buhayrah Al Buḩayrah36,751
Ismailia Ismailia9.Al Isma'iliyah Al Ismā‘īlīyah284,813
At Tall al Kabir At Tall al Kabīr10.Al Isma'iliyah Al Ismā‘īlīyah51,569
Al Jizah Al Jīzah11.Al Jizah Al Jīzah2,443,203
Al Hawamidiyah Al Ḩawāmidīyah12.Al Jizah Al Jīzah106,841
Awsim Awsīm13.Al Jizah Al Jīzah63,862
Madinat Sittah Uktubar Madīnat Sittah Uktūbar14.Al Jizah Al Jīzah41,930
As Saff Aş Şaff15.Al Jizah Al Jīzah38,213
Al `Ayyat Al ‘Ayyāţ16.Al Jizah Al Jīzah34,796
Al Bawiti Al Bawīţī17.Al Jizah Al Jīzah20,000
Saqqarah Şaqqārah18.Al Jizah Al Jīzah450
Abu Sir Abū Şīr19.Al Jizah Al Jīzah200
Al Minya Al Minyā20.Al Minya Al Minyā227,150
Mallawi Mallawī21.Al Minya Al Minyā142,504
Samalut Samālūţ22.Al Minya Al Minyā90,465
Abu Qurqas Abū Qurqāş23.Al Minya Al Minyā61,182
Bani Mazar Banī Mazār24.Al Minya Al Minyā58,153
Matay Maţāy25.Al Minya Al Minyā45,215
Dayr Mawas Dayr Mawās26.Al Minya Al Minyā40,609
Alexandria Alexandria27.Alexandria Alexandria3,811,516
Suez Suez28.As Suways As Suways488,125
Ain Sukhna Ain Sukhna29.As Suways As Suways45,552
Aswan Aswan30.Aswan Aswān241,261
Idfu Idfū31.Aswan Aswān133,000
Kawm Umbu Kawm Umbū32.Aswan Aswān59,787
Abu Sunbul Abū Sunbul33.Aswan Aswān5,000
Asyut Asyūţ34.Asyut Asyūţ420,585
Manfalut Manfalūţ35.Asyut Asyūţ78,744
Abu Tij Abū Tīj36.Asyut Asyūţ71,257
Abnub Abnūb37.Asyut Asyūţ68,749
Al Qusiyah Al Qūşīyah38.Asyut Asyūţ68,394
Dayrut Dayrūţ39.Asyut Asyūţ67,788
Al Badari Al Badārī40.Asyut Asyūţ44,132
Damietta Damietta41.Dumyat Dumyāţ76,839
Faraskur Fāraskūr42.Dumyat Dumyāţ58,284
Az Zarqa Az Zarqā43.Dumyat Dumyāţ40,010
Zagazig Zagazig44.Eastern Province Eastern Province285,097
Bilbays Bilbays45.Eastern Province Eastern Province129,211
Abu Kabir Abū Kabīr46.Eastern Province Eastern Province100,684
Faqus Fāqūs47.Eastern Province Eastern Province62,821
Al Qurayn Al Qurayn48.Eastern Province Eastern Province61,730
Diyarb Najm Diyarb Najm49.Eastern Province Eastern Province51,841
Mashtul as Suq Mashtūl as Sūq50.Eastern Province Eastern Province45,798

1 - 50 of 135 places
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